Dilapidation Reports

Comprehensive building and property condition reports conducted prior to adjacent building renovations or construction works including demolition, excavation and boring.

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Dilapidation Reports

Documents the property condition prior to commencement of work.

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Existing Residential, Units and New Home Defects.

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Construction defects, NCAT, court cases and other legal matters.

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Specialist in Identifying Asbestos Materials.

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Why do you need a Dilapidation Report?

Many Councils and Statutory Authorities now require a dilapidation inspection to be conducted prior to all construction on a residential or commercial or any public infrastructure as proof of the existing conditions and issues with a property or building.


When construction, building works or excavations are about to commence next to your property or a property to which you are carrying out works, you want to ensure that should any damage occur to your property or neighbouring properties then you are covered.

Our dilapidation reports document any existing issues to your property or damage to council or neighbour-owned assets such as fences, pathways, driveways, retaining walls, roadways, pools, landscaping, buildings, railways stations, major roads, public infrastructure in greater Sydney, Blue Mountains, Central Coast, Newcastle down to Wollongong and other areas on agreement.  

This photographic and structural investigation of your residence/property or those of your neighbours will verify the existing conditions prior to any construction taking place.  

Dilapidation reports can also include where infrastructure works such as railway works, road upgrades and construction, as well as civil and drainage works are being undertaken that can affect adjoining properties, buildings, or existing infrastructure.


Many owners couple the Pre-Construction report with a Post Construction report. This will help mitigate any risks or claims from neighbouring property owners, Council and other statutory bodies such as Sydney Water as you will have proof of the pre and post condition and ensure that any bonds can be returned from Council.

What does a dilapidation report look like?

Our expert Consultants, with specialist knowledge of buildings, will first assess the risk to a building or property within the impact zone for the proposed works. 

An inspection is carried out following a proven methodology, documenting through high resolution photographs the current condition of the property and highlighting any existing issues.

Where appropriate a detailed description of an existing issues is made and other relevant descriptive information provided such as crack width size and location, dislodgements, deterioration and if applicable, potential causes. The length and detail of the property condition reports will dependent upon on the project and issues evident at the time.

Where necessary and relevant a drone can be used for those hard to get to places, subject to safety and CASA (Civil Aviation Safety Authority) limitations.

Both owners and contractors recognise the benefits of having the condition of a property or unit documented prior to works nearby when drilling, excavations and major construction can have a serious effect on the interior, foundations, structure of a building or a property.

Below are just some of the areas looked at with a dilapidation report;

  • Building cracks
  • Brickwork / Concrete
  • Settlement & Subsidence
  • Driveways and external paths
  • Fences
  • Pavers and Tiles
  • Pool Areas
  • Footpaths and Nature Strips
  • Gutters and Driveways
  • Roads
  • Other Public Infrastructure

Who needs a dilapidation report?

1. Architects, Developers, Builders, Councils and Statutory Authorities.

If you’re submitting a development application for your property it’s likely that your local council will require dilapidation reports to be completed for surrounding buildings, to ensure that any impact on your neighbours is noted, and to prevent or claim against any damage that occurs. 

2. Strata Managers, Property Owners

If you are concerned with neighbouring building works and construction, unit renovations, major works including road upgrading – then a dilapidation report serves as a record to identify any issues prior to commencement. This is an asset if any issues arise during the course of those works, where a claim with proof can be made to rectify.

3. Demolition Contractors

If you’re demolishing a buildling, it’s likely that your local council will require dilapidation reports to be completed for surrounding buildings to ensure that any impact is recorded, in order to prevent or claim against any damage that occurs.

4. Excavation and Tunneling Contractors

If you’re excavating near properties, boring or tunneling underground, it’s likely that your local council will require a dilapidation report to be completed in order to track any impact upon surrounding properties, in order to prevent or claim against any damage that occurs.

Trust in Our Experience

Dilapidation Reports Consultants have been conducting building inspections of all kinds since 1988. With over three decades of experience and thousands of buildings inspected, you can rest assured they know what and where to look for problems.

Dilapidation Reports, as a division of David Hall Building Appraisals Pty. Ltd., is suitably qualified to carry out your dilapidation report in the greater Sydney area, Blue Mountains, Newcastle and surrounds, and down to Wollongong. 

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  • Occupation Health and Safety White Induction Card
  • Safety Access Rail Corridor
  • Master Builders Association Accredited Consultant
  • Member of the Master Builders Association
  • Member of the Housing Industry Association
  • Member of Australian Society of Building Consultants

Recent Dilapidation Reports

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Apartment block in very poor pre-existing condition.

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Heavy construction adjacent to existing property.

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